Public Transport

Public Transport in Daejeon offers "transfer discounts", travelers can get the discount within 30 minutes after getting off from the last public transport (the service interval : more than 16 minutes/the routes : within 60 minutes after the get-off) Note : the travelers should use the travel card and scan their card on the card reader when they get off the bus or train. (Discounts available up to 3 times; however, those who travel via the same route are not able to get the transfer discount)


Subway line 1 is in operation in Daejeon. The circular travel tickets for single trip are also available for travelers’ convenience.(1 section-within 10km, 2 section-above 10km)

  • Fare
    • travel card : (1 section) 1,250 won, (2 section) 1,350 won
    • general ticket(circular ticket for single trip) : (1 section) 1,400 won, (2 section) 1,500 won
Subway Line
subway line


City bus of Daejeon is operated by color according to bus routes.

Red 3 Express routes Blue 66 City routes Green 27 Routes Orange BRT bus (Daejeon Station~Osong BRT express bus)

You can easily search for the current locations of buses and bus routes through the Daejeon Transportation Information Center website.


Taxis of Daejeon provide interpretation services for foreign passengers in the desired language according to ARS dialed at 1588-5644 in partnership with the Korea BBB Movement Headquarters.

  • Fare : General taxi: 2,800 won~ Night(00:00~04:00) 20% extra charge


Daejeon Station
  • Exit 3 of Seodaejeon Intersection Station on Subway Line 1
  • Destination : Seoul, Cheonan, Daegu, Gyeongju, Busan, Ulsan
Seodaejeon Station
  • 15 minutes on foot from Exit 3 of Seodaejeon Intersection Station on Subway Line 1
  • Destination : Yongsan, Osong, Cheonan, Nonsan, Jeonju, Gwangju, Yeosu, Mokpo
  • Daejeon Station and Seodaejeon Station information : 1544-7788
  • It is an express rail reaching up to 300km/h maximum which connects Daejeon and Seoul within 1 hour.
  • Wi-fi service is available in each passenger car and lunch boxes can be pre-ordered.
  • Reservation : Reservations can be made online at or via phone at 1544-7788

Express & Inter-city Bus

Express & Inter-city Bus
Name Location Destination Phone
Daejeon Express Bus Terminal Daejeon Terminal Complex Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, Gangwon-do, Jeolla-do, Gyeongsang-do, Chungcheong-do 1577-2259
Yuseong Kumho Express Bus Terminal Seoul(Honam Central City), Gwangju 042-822-0386
Daejeon Government Complex Dusan Express Bus Stop Incheon International Airport, Gimpo International Airport, Dongseoul, Bucheon, Seongnam 1666-7638
Inter-City Bus Terminal Daejeon Terminal Complex Seosan, Dangjin, Cheongju, Boeun, Muju 1577-2259
Daejeon West Intercity Bus Terminal Gongju, Nonsan, Buyeo, Daecheon 1688-5406
Daejeon Government Complex Dusan Intercity Bus Stop Incheon International Airport, Gimpo International Airport, Dongseoul, Bucheon, Seongnam 1666-7638
Yuseong Intercity Bus Stop Dongseoul, Gangneung, Sokcho, Wonju, Incheon, Suwon, Seongnam, Jeonju, Gunsan, Cheongju, Chungju, Taean, Boryeong, Cheongyang, Hongseong, Nonsan, Yesan, Geumsan 1666-2786

Airport Limousine Bus

Incheon International Airport
  • 1577-2600
  • Limousine bus operation
    • Departure : To Daejeon: Passenger Terminal 1 - Arrivals Hall Floor 1 Bus Stop 11
      Passenger Terminal 2 - Transportation Center Floor B1 Bus Stop 5
    • Interval : 10~30 minutes
    • Time en route : 3 hours 30 minutes
    • Fare : 22,100 won(Night 26,500 won)
    • Hours : To airport: Passenger Terminals 1, 2 First bus 03:20, Last bus 19:10
    • To Daejeon : Passenger Terminal 1 First bus 06:00, Last bus 23:50
      Passenger Terminal 2 First bus 06:00, Last bus 23:30
Cheongju International Airport
  • 1661-2626
  • Intercity bus operation
    • Hours : To airport 06:35, 07:30, 09:20, 16:00, 16:30 / To Daejeon11:50, 18:05, 18:50, 21:00
    • Fare : 3,700 won